How To Run Your Blog With a Full-Time Job


Would you like to have a successful blog while still doing your 8-5 job?

We all have dreams.

Unfortunately, not everyone has had the privilege of making this dream come to reality.

We procrastinate.

We might keep saying that we will do something and don’t do it. Have you ever found yourself in such a position?
Blogging is one of the dreams that most people have. However, starting one can be daunting especially if you have a job.

Blog with a full time job

Some people have taken a step to start a blog. However, it becomes a nightmare to keep it up to date due to too many commitments.

Whether you are a housewife, a husband or have an essential role in your family besides working, it is possible to blog aside from your daily commitments.

However, this does not mean that you are going to suffer from burn-out due to doing too many things. It all depends on how you plan your day and organize your activities.

Below is how you can do it.

1. Create a Working Schedule

Have you ever created a working plan? If you have done this, you must have realized that it helped you achieve most of your goals compared to when you did things normally.

You can wake up very early in the morning and do something on your blog when your mind is still fresh. You should also walk with your pen and notebook or use Evernote to write any interesting idea that comes to your mind.

Take advantages of the time you are free during breaks and write something.

Working on your blog during the weekends can be very helpful too. According to statistics, most bloggers blog anywhere at any time. Most of them use their mobile phones to put down their ideas.

Studies show that one out of five bloggers works on their blogs during the weekend.

Does this mean that you will not have time to rest and entertain yourself during the weekend? That is not true.

You can set up 3 hours every weekend to work on your blog and stick to your schedule. Remember that you should always work when your body is fresh and relaxed. If you overwork, you might end up producing mediocre blog posts.

2. Have a Supporting Team

Your blog belongs to you.

That doesn’t imply that you should just do everything alone. It might be difficult to do some things, especially issues related to graphics and design if you are not a guru in that area.

Other tasks such as editing might be overwhelming after creating a post. Why don’t you hire an editor? You might also need the assistance of others like a web designer to make things easier for you.

Apart from outsourcing some tasks, your family needs to be supportive. Let them understand that you need a quiet moment when working on your blog and respect that.

3. Stay Positive

Sometimes negative thoughts might affect your productivity. Staying motivated gives you courage and hope to keep blogging.

If you started your blog with the intention of making money out of it, don’t be discouraged when you don’t earn out of your blog immediately.

Don’t stop posting exciting blog posts. Focus more on attracting people to your blog by trying to solve their problems. Do it out of passion and money will flow later.

Statistics show that the most well-known bloggers started blogging as early as 2005 before beginning to earn.

4. You Need to Set Realistic Goals

When you set goals, ensure that they are specific, measurable attainable, realistic and time-bound. You can’t target to publish blog posts every day with a daily job unless you outsource the work.

Plan what you can achieve if you would like to avoid procrastination. You can post once or twice a week so long as you post something that your readers will enjoy.

5. Connect With Other Bloggers

The social media is one of the best platforms that connect bloggers. You can join blogger groups on Facebook and be an active member.

When other bloggers share their posts, try to read them and post meaningful comments. People are likely to notice your blog through the comments.

You can also share your blog posts on social media using your phone. This is something that you can do in your free time or during a break at your job.

If you like to automate the whole process and save time while growing your audience quickly, you can use PromoRepublic. I use this tool, and I can say its social and content tools are excellent.

Managing your content by sharing it on social media is something that can take a few minutes and will promote your blog. You can also invite guest blogs from other bloggers who blog on your niche.

This will increase the content on your blog and keep your blog updated.

6. You Need to Be Organized

Did you know that staying organized keeps you away from distraction? One of the things that can distract you and affect your productivity is social media.

You might find out that you waste 30 minutes to one hour per day on social media. When you plan your time, avoid distractions like social media until you are done with what you are supposed to do on that day.

Many things take much of your time without your knowledge. Besides social media, other time wasters include watching TV, movies and playing games.

You can view the TV but try to control how much time you spend on it. The same applies to games and the social media.

The Neilsen statistics show that an average US citizen spends over 30 minutes per week watching movies and the TV. If you try writing an account of what you did each day, you will realize that you lost many hours in a week on things that don’t add value to your life.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you should find joy in what you do. If you don’t get happiness in blogging, maybe that is not something that you should do. As you balance your blog with your full-time job, ensure that it makes you happy.

Have you started blogging? If you have not, check out this guide, I wrote in starting a blog.

What other ways can we use to help us run a successful blog with a full-time job?

Have you ever thought of starting a blog but there seems to be no time for working on it? Either you have a day job or busy with the kids! I want to tell you that you can do all that and still get time to work on your blog. See how it’s possible.

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