25 Creative Playroom Storage Ideas To Keep Your Home Organized

Is your playroom disorganized? Tired of stepping on legos everywhere you go in your house? To much toy clutter? Do you want playroom organization ideas that will help you cut down on toy clutter? You can keep your home organized even if there are lots of toys and stuff around. With good playroom storage ideas, you can store all your kid’s toys and stuff neatly.

You need a playroom toy storage plan if your kid has many toys and legos like mine. That is why I came up with this ultimate list of playroom storage ideas you can use at your home for proper playroom toy organization.


Playroom Organization and Storage Ideas

1. Kids love hiding places. You can use under the bed storage drawers to store toys and accessories for your kids.

Bed toy storage

Source: Zach Benson

2.  Store all the toys and puzzles using a color system. This is really useful if you have a lot of legos.

Source: IHeart Organizing

3. In a playroom, corners are often overlooked. You can turn that empty space into a storage area by using corner shelves and cabinets.

Corner toy storage

Source: Pilot Project

4. You can add storage bins in your living room. Put them in easy to reach places for the kids.

Source: Decorisme

5. A play table will give you lots of storage in the bottom drawers and can blend in any room.

Play table toy organization

Source: Addicted 2 DIY

6. You can put a wire storage box in your kid’s bedroom to store books, toys, and accessories. There are many wire box storage designs to choose from and you can decide to hang it or place it on the floor.

Wire storage box

Source: A Girl and A Glue Gun

7. A window seat provides enough storage and a cozy nook to sit and read a book.

Source: Kate Decorates

8. Add storage bins to your wall unit.

Source: Handgunsband

9. Looking for something contemporary? Then this plastic storage modern wooden storage might be just for you.

Source: Agsia

10. Another storage bin with labels idea.

Toy organizer ideas


11. Put some baskets on your shelf to house the toys.

Kids space storage

Source: Circus Berry

12. You can use sweater organizers to hold puzzles.

Source: Hip 2 Save

13. Nantucket Storage Bench has ample storage space for toys and is an adorable addition to your kid’s playroom.

Toy storage ideas

Source:Kid Craft

14. You can use plastic storage bins to transform your kid’s closet into a clutter-free toy space. Depending on the closet size, you can get 1-2 bins.

Closet toy storage

Source: Lazada

15. Use floating book frames to organize books.

Toy organization ideas

Source: The Urban Interior

16. This IKEA floating bookshelf can be used to store books and toys.

IKEA bookshelf

Source: Harmaco

17. Use wooden crates and put stickers on them to organize different toys and books.

Source: Dreams to Destiny Design Co

18. If your playroom is part of the living room then you can get a coffee table design that can have toys organized in boxes.You can store toys under the coffer table

Source: Sandton Chronicles

19. Pegboards are not just used for hardware storage. You can hang one in your house and use caddies to store toys, costumes, books, and other stuff.

Hang toys in playroom

Source: Newly Woodwards

20. Do your kids have lots of stuffed animals? No problem, this wooden zoo pen can fit all their dolls and still have some space to add a few things.

Source: Littlezookeepers

21. Under the bed storage are a nice way to store toys and also add extra room for all kinda stuff. My kids love this.

Source: DIY and crafts corner

22. Create an eazy to display shelf to put all your kid’s books. Making it alphabetized will help your kids find their books easily.

Source: Craftionery

23. Stack together painted crates to create an amazing storage system.

Source: Crazy Little Projects

24. I love this bag! It’s easy to open and can hold a huge amount of legos or trains. Once you are done just pull the strings and close the bag.

Source: Homemart

25. Over the door shoe organizers can be used to hold toys and dolls behind the door or in closets.

Playroom storage ideas

Source: Pinterest

While you can use any design for your toy organization and storage, it is important to remember that it should be safe to use and easily accessible. The playroom storage ideas here are practical and focus on simplicity. They can stimulate your kid to be organized.

Kids have lots of toys that’s why it’s important to have good playroom toy storage to put all their toys at the end of the day. There are many playroom toy organization systems you can use. Check out our post for various playroom toy storage ideas you can use.

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