10 Brilliant Tricks and Tips for Organizing a Small Apartment

Organzing a small apartment is not easy, especially if you have a lot of stuff. If you follow these small apartment organization tips you will end up with a lof of free space in your whole house. Organizing small apartment closets and bedrooms can make your home look bigger than it is. Start today!To be honest, organizing a small apartment can be quite overwhelming especially if you have a lot of stuff. If you live or have ever lived in a studio-sized apartment, you understand the struggle that comes with it.

Apart from dealing with the little space, you might have to deal with clutter, and also choosing décor for it can be overwhelming.

While small apartments are generally hard to maintain, you must agree with me that there is that friend who always keeps their place inexplicably prim and organized despite all odds.

If you are struggling to keep your apartment organized, below are some simple tips and tricks to help you keep it stylish than ever before.

Tips and Hacks on Organizing a Small Apartment

1 Install closet spaces

Your room is small, and you won’t have much space to put what you need most. Installing closet spaces keeps it more neat, spacious and organized. You can start with DIY shelves which are not so hard to put. DIY shelves may not be so perfect, but they won’t be costly.

You should also look for over the door shoe racks. Shoes and sandals are one of the things that can fill your bedroom and make your room disorganized. Apart from shoes, you can also store other items like hats and scarves on a shoe rack, but you will have to store them in a different section of the tray.

Buying a shoe rack with at least six rows and four pockets each will be of help. If you have a lot of stuff to keep, you can divide the six rows into sections and let every part hold something different.

2 Create another storage under your bed

If you have a small apartment, your closet must be tiny, and not everything will fit. In this case, you might need to store another seasonal item under the bed. You will need to put them in suitcases and keep them under the bed. Apart from suitcases, you can use plastic bins that are designed to be kept under the bed.

3 Have storage in your kitchen

Utensils can be all over your kitchen if you don’t arrange them well. You might need drawers to put items like dishes, kitchen towels, and pot holders. Apart from drawers, you also need to create a hanging pot rack where you can hang other items such as pans.

4 Use high placed storage

You need to think high up when creating a storage system in your home. Since there is less space, creating upward, storage can help you to store many things. You can stack things that you don’t use on top of your cabinets or top of your refrigerator.

5 Repurpose bathroom storage racks

Many bathrooms in small apartments are small and lack storage space. You might want space to hold stuff such as your toiletries.

You can look for a cabinet that is designed for bathrooms and use it. Install any storage space in your bathroom so long as it works and gives you more space.

You can look for anything that has shelves and still fits well in your bathroom. Items such as hairdryers can be kept in such a storage space to keep your things in order.

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6 Buy a DIY Jewelry Hanger

If you love jewelry, you can easily misplace them if you don’t keep them well in one place. Since you have a small apartment, you might not have a countertop space in your bathroom to keep your jewelry and other accessories.

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You can, therefore, build wall storage from a cork board. You can also add a few decorative push pins and paint your frame so that it can match your bathroom décor. Hang it on the wall and put the decorative pins so that they can hold accessories in their place. This will clear space on your countertop.

7 Declutter your home

Clutter is anything that you do not need whether in good condition or not. It can be used pieces of paper, clothes, shoes, container, etc. As you organize your home, plan when to organize each room and get everything outside.

Sort everything and put aside what you don’t need. If you have anything useful, ensure that you sell or donate it to friends and relatives.

8 Look for an alternative storage solution

You might realize that you want to free some space in your house yet you have very little space. If you have some furniture that you don’t use in your house but might need in future, consider looking for a storage company near your home.

You can also put some things in your garage. Items such as sports attires, paint, and garden tools can be kept in the garage.

9 Maximize the use of light

Did you know that light makes your room more airy and open? With a small apartment, you might want to use bright white décor so that your rooms may not be dull.

If you would like to create the illusion of different places in your house, use partitions and choose the one that allows enough light in your home.

10 Make use of mirrors

If you need more reflective surfaces in your small apartments, ensure that you use mirrors. Mirrors have a magical ability to enhance small apartments making them look more substantial.

In this case, you have to invest in a big gorgeous mirror since they create an illusion of more space.

Final Thoughts

Organizing your small apartment does not have to be overwhelming and expensive. While it is possible to hire a professional to do it for you or buy organizational tools, it is easier and more affordable to do it yourself by following the tips above.

Organizing your home is crucial as it makes your apartment decent and more appealing.

Running out of space in your small apartment? Don’t worry, we got several handy small apartment organization tips to get you started on ways you can create more space in your home. If you love shoes like me, organizing small apartment closets can make more room for all your shoes.

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