8 Best Paid Survey Sites You Can Make Money

Earn money by taking surveysIs it possible to earn money online through paid surveys?

Most people would give you a big “NO” for an answer?

But that is not the case.

Maybe those saying no have been trying to look for bucks at wrong places.

Perhaps they never found legitimate sites.

Others will tell you that it is possible.

No wonder many people are talking about making money online through surveys. But how can you find legitimate sites for paid surveys?

Follow These Tips Before Signing Up for Any Survey Program

1. Never pay to join

I understand that at one point in your life, you must have paid money to join some sites which you found to be legitimate. However, it is quite risky to pay an entrance fee on survey sites. Most of them are scams.
If it is free to join, you can try your luck because you have nothing to lose.

2.  Avoid giving out crucial personal details like bank passwords and PayPal password.
If you come across a site asking you to give out your passwords and other confidential details while signing up, keep off from it.

3. A legitimate survey site has more information about the company like FAQ, privacy policy, about us page and many others.

4. An ideal survey site does not advertise about another online survey.

Online Survey Sites That I Found To Be Legitimate

1. MindSwarms

Can you imagine getting paid $50 for a survey that has seven questions only? Most surveys from other sites pay $5-$10 per survey. This site pays via PayPal and has no minimum cash out.

The unique thing about MindSwarms is that you answer video surveys. If you want to participate in the survey, you should sign up and record your profile video so that they can connect you with surveys that fit your demographic qualification.

You will find available surveys on the dashboard and apply them through answering a few multiple choice questions.
Your answers will be reviewed, and you will be invited to take the survey.

Using the video function on your smart-phone or webcam on your computer, you can answer the seven questions. It will take you 15-20 minutes.

2. The Opinion Outpost

You can get 5-10 surveys every month from this company and smile on your way to the bank. Its surveys are about local businesses and public bodies. It also carries out polls about the government.

3. eMiles

Are you a lover of traveling? If you are, eMiles is a survey site that might sound interesting to you. This site has more than 3 million members who give opinions.

Are you a lover of traveling? If you are, eMiles is a survey site that might sound interesting to you. This site has more than 3 million members who give opinions.

It involves watching ads, taking surveys and claiming deals. You get paid to do those simple tasks. According to this site, you will save $20-$30 on your next trip if you take time to do some tasks on their website. You can then redeem your points.

4. Ipsos iSay

The Ipsos Panel is another company that conducts surveys about political polls during elections. You can earn up to $95 depending on the survey even though such surveys are rare and might take some time to complete.

Other surveys can take a minimum of 10-15 minutes. You can redeem the points given by Ipsos panel for Amazon gift cards or Paypal. If you get 1000 points, you can redeem them and get $10 on PayPal.

5. Pinecone Research

The Pinecone Research is known to be one of the survey sites that pay so well. However, they need people from specific demographics. You can always try your luck anyway.

Most people who have used the Pinecone Research enjoyed the remarkable amount of surveys available and the fact that you get paid for each survey. It doesn’t have minimum cash-out.

To get paid, you must have a PayPal account. You can also be paid through Visa gift cards, direct deposit, and check. For each survey you complete, you get paid $3.

You can only join this site when you are invited. You will just find a log-in tab if you visit the site, so you need to be invited.

Their reward system is in the form of points. Every 300 points are worth $3. Alternatively, you can redeem your points and get prizes. You can also request a check for $3, $5 or $15 depending on the number of points.

6. Swagbucks

Ever heard about the Swagbucks? You might come across this site on many blogs while doing your research about other things.

This site offers different ways of making money online. You can earn through surveys whereby you give your opinions and get paid up to 60 Swagbucks. You can also watch the Swagbucks TV, shop their special offers, print coupon codes, refer friends, use their credit card, play games, and earn Swabuck codes among other tasks.

For every activity you participate, you will earn something.

7. SurveySpot

The SurveySpot is run by the same firm that operates the Opinion Outpost. It is, therefore, its sister company. If you sign up for both companies, you will realize that sometimes they post the same surveys.

However, if you had already participated in that Survey on Opinion Outpost, you cannot participate in SurveySpot because they will screen you out of it.

8. My Points

Do you love shopping online? You can earn something through MyPoints. This site rewards people who shop online. You can buy things online through this site and get the points back to them. They also email you surveys to earn points.

Final Thoughts

Many survey sites pay for doing a few tasks. The sites get money from companies which pay them to research their products, services, and other issues.

You can register for as many sites as you can to increase your earnings. However, you need to be careful because there are many scams out there. I have said before that you should not pay money to join any site.

On the other hand, you can look for reviews on particular sites before entering them. You will realize that some sites have been reviewed as scams or time wasters as they don’t pay.

What survey sites have you used in the past?

Survey sites are an easy way to add some money to your monthly income. They are easy to start and require no investment except your time. There are some survey sites that pay cash while other offer gift cards.  To save you time we have compiled a list of the best survey sites that pay so you can make money.

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