A Complete Guide to Keto Meal Prep

Living a healthy life is something that everyone wants. However, when it comes to making changes, it becomes hard for many people. One of the ways of staying healthy is watching your diet and following a keto meal prep.

The best diet plan, if you are trying to lose some extra pounds, is going keto. The ketogenic diet can give you fast results and help you shed excess weight.

Studies have found that ketogenic diet aids in weight loss. But how can you start if you are a beginner? Worry not, below is what you need to know about ketogenic diet.

What is the Keto diet?

A ketogenic diet is one that has low carbohydrates, moderate proteins and a high level of healthy fats. Keto diet makes your body a fat burning machine.

Keto diet has proven records of promoting weight loss and many other health benefits.

How should you prepare your Keto meals?

Have you ever realized that the most challenging tasks are achieved through planning? If you decide to do the Keto diet, you might fail midway through if you don’t plan well. According to research, planning increases your chances of following what you had set out to do.

Benefits of Keto Meal Prep

1. Save you time and money

If you thought that it is expensive or time-consuming to stick to a healthy meal, you are mistaken. Preparing in advance helps you make one grocery trip and buy what you will eat for the entire week. This saves your time.

2. Stick to the plan

Have you ever bought some food only to end up throwing it away because it stayed on the fridge for a long time? That can never happen when you plan your meal.

3. Make choices quicker

Sometimes choosing what to eat can be overwhelming. You can find yourself with a long list of choices. However, with meal planning, you don’t have to worry about that since you need to stick to what you have planned.

4. Helps you to achieve Ketosis

While it might be quite tricky to stick to a Keto diet and achieve your goals, meal planning makes that possible and easy. With meal planning, you will be able to eat the right amounts of nutrients.  Since everything has already been calculated, you will only need to stick to your meal plan.

How to organize a Keto meal prep in 3 simple steps

I know you can ready to prepare a Keto meal, but the challenge comes when you want to start. Where should you begin? Below is a basic structure that you can follow.

  • Outline your meal plan

What are you going to eat in the next one week? Deciding what to eat is crucial as it helps you to break down what you will eat each day.

Create a list of what you will eat every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner inclusive of desserts and snacks in case you plan to include them.

Create an account of the number of people who will be eating the meals with you. While doing this, decide on whether you would want to have leftovers of that meal the next day or if you would want a different meal.

Create a list of recipes and ingredients of each meal. Since you are going Keto, you might not be familiar with what to eat and what not to eat, and creating them can be a perfect idea.

  • Plan on the days you would be shopping

You might want to buy your food once weekly, or you might buy it over a few days throughout the week. When choosing a recipe, you can select the ones that need few ingredients and also similar ingredients to save your time and money when preparing the food.

  • Put your list in order and shop

Since you have ingredients from each recipe, why don’t you compile them in one directory? You can then organize the recipes according to categories such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, etc.

  • Cook your food

Cooking can be a little daunting, but you can organize yourself as well to make things easier. You can start by cooking foods that take a long time to prepare and then cook the easier ones.

Meal preparation tips that will save you money

Did you know that you can save money through your meal preparations? With the following tips, I believe you can achieve that.

  • Don’t ignore local farmers

If you have never visited a local farmer market, it is high time to try that. It will help you get high-quality products at affordable prices compared to when you buy them at the supermarket.

  • Buy recipes with seasonal produce

When it is a season for specific fruits and vegetables, you will get them at a lower price compared to when they are out of season.

  • Time special offers and coupons

Before buying anything, you can do some research online or offline to find out any special deals. You might want to sign up on newsletters for your nearest grocery stores and get updates of the latest deals.

  • Grow your food

If you have a small garden in your home, you can plant some vegetables and fruits. Other foodstuffs that you can prepare at home include ketchup, pesto, ghee, coconut milk, mustard, and sundried tomatoes among others.

Final Thoughts

Planning your keto meals is crucial if you are trying to go Keto. It not only helps you to stick to your diet and achieve your weight loss goals but also saves money.

Do you have any other meal preparation tips that have worked for you? Feel free to share your suggestions in the comments section below.

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