How to Organize a Messy Garage Using Easy To Follow 15 Tips

Your garage should be well organized. But how do you start on organizing a messy garage?

In your busy schedule, it is possible to find your garage as a dumping site for all stored items, unused stuff, and additional equipment.

It is not because you wanted to put the things there but because it is the best place to keep things.

Is your garage a mess and looks disorganized with a lot of clutter? We know organizing a messy garage can be a huge pain. That’s why we made this handy guide full of tips that show you how to organize and clean a messy garage.

Sometimes the stuff can overwhelm you such that the thought of starting to rearrange it makes you sick. Isn’t it a beautiful feeling to have an organized garage?

The best time to declutter your garage is during the spring.

Below are tips on how to organize a messy garage without a headache

What to consider before rearranging your garage

  • What is your primary objective of reorganizing your garage?
  • How would you like your garage to appear at the end of this activity?
  • Why do you need the space? Is it going to be a parking area, a storage area or a play area?

1. Remove everything and clean your garage

As you prepare to declutter your garage, you need to keep it clean before starting to rearrange it. You should, therefore, remove everything from it and clean it up.

2. Assign zones in your garage

Zoning up your space involves creating zones for keeping specific things. For example, you can create a zone for sports equipment, automobile supplies, gardening tools and holiday decorations among other things.

You can start with four zones first. You can then determine how much space each zone is going to take.

3. Sort out what you need

As you examine stuff in your garage, you might realize that some things are entirely useless. Some broken stuff might be beyond repair.

Do you still need them? If you find something that you don’t need, you can get rid of it.

There might be useful things, but you might not be using them. You can donate them so that they avoid staying idle in your garage and filling up your space. You can invite friends and family members to help you out.

4. Store everything in the right place

Since you have created zones for specific equipment, put everything at its respective location. All sports tools should be kept together.

The same applies to gardening tools among others. The storage units should be of proper size depending on the size and number of equipment that you need to place there.

Store what you regularly use at a place that you can quickly reach. If you have children in your home, ensure that you store dangerous chemicals and other stuff that might harm them in a cabinet.

5. The vertical technique

Did you know that it is easy to utilize the vertical space of your garage? When organizing your garage area, you need to select a place that allows you to use enough wall space.

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A wall is a suitable place for storing items that you don’t regularly use, e.g., holiday decorations and camping supplies.

6. Store your bicycles away from traffic zones

Bikes can create traffic in your garage. Sometimes you might be tired after a biking activity that you don’t keep at the right place.

However, you can suspend your bicycles on some sturdy racks. You can get bicycle racks on Amazon.

7. Protective gears

Place protective gears near skateboards, bikes, and rollerblades close to shelves and hooks near the garage door so that you can easily reach them.

8. Place a bench in your garage

When planning to go for sports, your kids may come and wear sports gear from the garage. A bench will assist them to put on their sports gear.

You can get a bench in home stores. This is the one I use. Select a bench that has a storage shelf where you can place your wet boots and other related stuff.

9. Always dispose of your items carefully

You might be in a hurry when disposing of what you don’t need. However, you need to remove everything at a place that it won’t cause any harm in future.

Do away with dangerous fertilizers and liquids in the right way. You can seek advice from a local health bureau about where you can dispose the toxic materials.

10. Use storage bins and boxes

Just like you use storage bins and boxes are used in a house; they work correctly on a garage too. You can keep stuff such as bedding, holiday decoration, and clothing that you are not using among others.

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Storage bins are affordable and give you the option to customize storage of things according to your wish.

11. Install shelves

Did you know that shelves can help you organize your messy garage? If your parking is quite small, a shelf can help you keep your stuff in order and still have a nice garage.

You can create rows and arrange things that fit on them. You can put what you rarely use on the top shelf, while on the bottoms what you use often.

12. Garage flooring

Have you thought of adding small additions such mats to your garage flow? A mat will make your garage clean and cozy. It also protects your feet when you walk inside to pick some stuff.

13. Consider the ceiling storage

If your garage is not big enough to store many things, you can consider using the space on the ceiling. You can put fishing poles and holiday decorations among other stuff that you don’t use most of the time.

14. Create a tool cabinet

How do you store your tools? Sometimes placing your tools in a different area in your garage can make you scatter things while looking for them.

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Having a tool cabinet will help you keep your garage in order as you will have a place to store every tool.

15. Maintain your garage

As you can see, organizing a garage is something that can take a lot of time and effort. You need to maintain it well so that your efforts may not go to waste.

Immediately after using anything from your garage, return it to its respective storage space. Avoid filling your garage with unwanted stuff. You can create a schedule of cleaning up your garage and keeping it in order.

Final thoughts

You need to treat your garage as part of your house. Keep it clean. Keep it presentable. Be careful when removing stuff out of it and when returning them.

Keeping the above tips will help you to have a clean and organized garage.

How do you organize your garage?

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