How To Deep Clean a Mattress, Remove Dirt and Germs

Let’s be sincere.

You are probably here because your mattress is dirty. It might be a sudden spill or another issue. You need a quick solution since no one wants to sleep on a dirty mattress.

We all love that good sleep at night. If you haven’t cleaned your mattress since you bought it, then you need to do a mattress cleaning today. There may be a lot of bacteria present on your mattress that’s why mattress cleaning is important and you will know what mattress stain remover to use.

Dirty mattresses are not only uncomfortable to use but also unhealthy. Believe it or not, the germs in your mattresses can be many than you think. It is advisable to clean your mattress regularly even if there are no spills.

The common dirty issues with a mattress include blood stains, spills, vomit, urine, sweat and many more. You might also have to deal with crawlies such as mites and bugs. This proves to you that your mattress carries many germs.

Below are deep mattress cleaning tips

1 Always Change Your Bedsheets

Change your bedsheets once a week. This study found out that the average person washes their sheets after more than three weeks. Personally, that is too long – I wash mine after 3-4 days. However, this does not mean that in case you have any spills you should wait until a week is over. In case you notice any dirt on your sheets, remove them immediately and clean them.

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2 Keep All Liquids Away From Your Mattresses

When liquids spill on your mattresses, you can’t sleep on that spot until it’s dry. While fluids make a mattress feel uncomfortable to use, they also don’t get on well with mattresses such as memory and foam mattresses.

3 Buy a Mattress Protector

I’m sure no one wants to leave their mattress dirty.  If you want to have a clean mattress, you might need to get a mattress protector. A mattress protector will help prevent dirt from reaching your bed quickly. You will only have to clean the mattress protector regularly.

4 Vacuum Your Mattress

If you want to get rid of bacteria on your mattress, ensure that you vacuum it. You can use an upholstery adapter to clean it. You should also remember to keep your bedroom’s temperature down so that it can keep mites and bugs away.

Mites like to stay in a warm place and having them in your mattress will negatively affect your health. Another way of avoiding insects is getting rid of houseplants.

While houseplants are appealing and easy on the eye, they give insect’s pollen and dust. If you must have house plants, keep them far from your bedroom or choose insect-repelling plants.

5 Always Air Your Mattress

You spend a lot of time on your mattress every day when you sleep at night. In fact, you spend more time on your bed than on your sofa. While opening your bedroom windows every day is a good idea, you need to air your mattress separately too. You can put your mattress outside on a sunny day at least once a month and maintain this habit. I admit I rarely do this myself even though I know I’m supposed to.

6 Clean Dust Mites From Your Mattress

Whether you believe it or not, your bed has tiny invisible creatures with eight legs. They usually feed on flakes of dead human skin. You can have dust mites in your bedding, pillows, and bedsheets if the humidity of your bedroom is at least 80%.Bugs found on mattress

    Source: Business Insider

You can kill dust mites by either boiling them, freezing or poisoning them. Since we are dealing with a mattress, you can only kill them by exposing them to heat.

You should, therefore, change your bedsheets and always wash them with hot water to kill the mites. The temperature of your water should be at least 130 degrees or more. After removing your sheets, vacuum your mattress with a handheld brush attachment to remove any mites that might be there.

7 Clean Bugs From Your Mattress

Apart from mites beg bugs can be the worst enemies in your bed. While mites are unseen and harmless, bedbugs suck human blood. When they bite you, your body becomes itchy. If you have them in your mattress or bed, you cannot have peace while resting.

You can remove bedbugs by cleaning your bedsheets with hot water and vacuum your mattresses often. Many people think that memory foam mattresses rarely have bugs. However, they can still get you when you sleep regardless of the type of mattress you use. Therefore, it is important to deep clean a mattress.

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8 Disinfect Your Mattress

When you have an old used mattress, you might not be comfortable to sleep on it without disinfecting it. If you decide to disinfect your mattress, then follow the steps below.

  • Get all your beddings from the mattress
  • Vacuum your mattress using an upholstery brush
  • Clean up all stains
  • Take your mattress outside so that it can get proper aeration.

9 Eliminate Odor From Your Mattress

If you don’t do a proper bed cleaning, it might end up smelling. To get the odor out of it, follow the tips below for thorough deep cleaning.

  • Mix one tablespoon of vinegar and another teaspoon of laundry detergent.
  • Dab the solution onto the stain using a clean piece of cloth. Wipe that spot with water after finishing.
  • Apply a right amount of baking soda and let it stay overnight.
  • You can then vacuum the residue in the morning and spray the stain with an anti-odor spray. In case you experience any smell, repeat this whole process for a week.

While you might not see any germs on your mattress after changing sheets, you need to maintain proper mattress hygiene so that you do not get any skin infections. Always deep clean your mattress, vacuum it regularly and keep the sheets clean.

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  1. It’s highly recommended to use a professional mattress cleaner to remove the allergenic contaminants living, thriving and breeding in your mattresses and soft furnishing’s found in your home. You may also want to vacuum your twin mattress but I suggest you do it outdoors. Nearly all vacuums spew microscopic dust back into the environment negating all your cleaning efforts.

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