How To Clean Oriental Rugs Without Damaging Them

Oriental rugs have unique designs and beautiful colors. Most people have them in their households. These rugs come in different shapes and materials.

How have you been cleaning your oriental rug? If you haven’t been using the right method, you might have realized that your rugs don’t last long. When cleaning oriental rugs it is important to use the right equipment.

Some materials used to make them include cotton, silk, and synthetic materials. Even though oriental rugs make a room lively, they easily get dirty. You, therefore, need to use appropriate techniques to care for your rug.

What you need

  • Mild rug shampoo
  • Rug beater
  • Garden hose
  • Vacuum
  • Soft long bristled brush
  • Rubber window squeegee

What you need to do before cleaning

You need to check the rug’s label by lifting the corners of the rug. The labels have safe ways of cleaning them. Different rugs have different methods of cleaning. It depends on their material, e.g., cotton, wool, silk, and synthetic material.

You need professional cleaning services if you have a silk rug. Cotton and wool, on the other hand, are durable and you can clean them yourself.

  • You should vacuum your carpet at least once a week to remove debris and prevent it from smelling. Do not vacuum carpets made of silk as it reduces their value.
  • Keep your rugs away from direct sunlight. Sun can damage oriental rugs and cause their colors to fade.
  • Always test your carpets to confirm whether they are colorfast so that you can know how to clean them. Colorfast rugs need to be dry cleaned only.
  • You need to relocate your future once every six months to prevent them from damaging the carpet.

Cleaning the carpet

When cleaning the rug, you can either do a deep cleaning or a quick cleaning.

How to do a quick cleaning

  • Sweep the rug

Use your carpet sweeper to sweep in one direction of the carpet from end to end. Avoid rubbing it back and forth as you may damage it. Repeat this process the second time.

  • Vacuum both sides of the rug

Spread your rug on a flat area and vacuum it slowly to get rid of excess hair, abrasives and other forms of dirt. To get all the dirt out of it, repeat this process three times. The rug’s fringes can get stuck in the vacuum’s sweeper, so you need to avoid it.

  • Take your rug outside and shake it well to remove dirt. You can hang it on a cloth line if it is too heavy to shake then beat it with your hands.
  • You need to spot clean your rug immediately it gets spills. Don’t leave them to dry as the stain may be challenging to remove.
  • Blot up the all the liquid using a paper towel. You can then use cold water to blot the stain.

How to deep clean your oriental rugs

Using vacuum to remove dirt from oriental rug

Sometimes your rugs might be too dirty, and the only option would be too deep clean them. To do this, follow the methods below.

  • Vacuum all the sides of the rug. You can do this by putting the rug outside on a flat surface. You need to clean the area you are going to spread it before starting the cleaning process.
  • Vacuum on the side of the rug until all the dirt is gone. Turn it on the other side and repeat the process. You can finally shake it.
  • Spray the rug with cold water using a garden hose. You should spray it for a few minutes on each side until it becomes saturated with water.
  • Pour cold water into a bucket together with mild liquid soap.
  • Mix the solution thoroughly and test it by cleaning a small section of your rug.
  • Leave it for ten minutes to check whether the cleaning solution removes the color of your carpet. If the solution does not affect your rug, you can clean the rest of the rug. If it affects it, seek professional help.
  • When cleaning your rug, you should lather it such that the fibers lay down. Use a garden hose to rinse it.
  • After rinsing one side, flip it on the other side and rinse it. Before drying it, ensure that you wash the sides on top thoroughly. You need to allow it to dry completely.
  • Squeeze the water left using a squeegee. You can then let it dry on the ground. Flip it over on the other side after one side dries up. You can use a fan to dry it if it is taking too long to dry.

How have you been cleaning your rug? If you haven’t been using the above methods, you might have realized that your rugs don’t last long. It is important to use the right equipment to clean a rug and clean it in the right way.

If you find it too tedious, you can seek professional home cleaning services from home improvement companies near your area.

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