10 Tips For Making Your Jewelry Clean And Shiny Again

If you own jewelry, you would always want to clean it and make it dang sparky as it was when you bought it. You know the awesome looks that it gives you when you wear it with your lovely outfits.

Has your jewelry lost its luster and looks old? Well, it happens. Good news is you can clean your jewelry and have it looking new once more. Cleaning jewelry at home is not hard, just follow our guide. Get started with the clean jewelry at home to remove tarnish guide!

We all know that any valuable piece of jewelry is costly. The sparkle in it starts fading after sometime when you wear it on a regular basis. You, therefore, need to clean your jewelry.

However, taking it to a professional cleaner can be another pain in the butt. Did you know that you could clean it using DIY methods?

You can make it shine again using common supplies that are readily available at home. If you want a professional cleaning look, I suggest you try this useful cleaner that works wonders.

While water soap, aluminum foil or ammonia can give you a grungy ring making them new again, they are not enough.

Besides that, using harsh abrasive cleaner and chemicals isn’t recommended especially on soft stones such as pearls and opal. You might want to use only soap and water.

How to clean jewelry at home and make them sparky again

1 Cleaning dull jewelry

If you own jewelry that has started to get filmy, dull and discoloring, you can wash it using a mixture of mild dish soap and warm water.

Dip a soft cloth in the mixture and use it to rub your piece of jewelry. Rinse the jewelry with cool water then dry it with a dry cloth until it gets dry.

2 Cleaning costume jewelry

Most costume jewelry has stones glued to them instead of being set. You can clean them using a solution of dish detergent and water. Soak a piece of cloth with that solution and wipe any grime or smudges on the jewelry.

Rinse it with another dump piece of fabric that has been dumped with plain water. You can then part your jewelry dry and lay them upside down to prevent moisture from soaking into their setting.

Avoid soaking the pieces in water since the stones are glued on and might loosen resulting the gems to pop off.

3 Polishing Gold with beer

Did you know that beer is a great fluid when it comes to making gold shiny? You can clean it by pouring beer on a soft piece of cloth. Rub it gently on your gold jewelry. Dry the jewelry with another clean piece of soft cloth.

4 Cleaning gold jewelry

To clean and shine jewelry pieces made of gold, use a solution that was created explicitly for cleaning gold. Apart from commercial detergents, you can also use warm water and dawn dish wash detergent.

Cleaning gold jewelry at home

I had the best results when I used detergent with this jewelry cleaner. Mix them and add some drops of ammonia. Use a soft toothbrush to brush it gently since gold is a soft metal. Rinse it in look warm water and air dry.

Since gold can easily tarnish, you need to avoid certain products such as Chlorine. When Chlorine is at high temperatures, it can discolor or damage your jewelry permanently.

Keep in mind that even though pure gold does not tarnish, most jewelry pieces are made of an alloy. The chance of your gold jewelry getting tarnished depends on the percentage other metals mixed with gold.

5 Sterling silver

If you have a piece of jewelry made of sterling silver, you understand that it can easily scratch. Even if you scrub it slightly with a piece of cloth, its surface is likely to be harmed. You should, therefore, use a very soft and clean sponge or a silver polishing sponge to clean it.

6 Cleaning Diamonds at home

Jewelry made out of diamond are usually attractive when new. However, after frequent use, they lose their appearance. To clean them, you need a soft bristle brush and warm soapy water. Keep the brush in that solution and brush the diamond jewelry with it gently.

Dry the jewelry with a soft piece of cloth. Some people use toothpaste to make the diamond sparkle better, but that is not recommended. Toothpaste is abrasive and can harm the surface of a diamond.

7 Polishing dull pearls

If you have pieces of jewelry made of pearl, you need to note that they are very porous and can lose their luster quickly. You should, therefore, clean them with a lot of care whether they are real, faux or cultured. You need to lay them on a soft cloth.

How to clean jewelry at home

Mix warm water with some little shampoo. Put a small makeup brush in the solution of water and shampoo and go over each piece of jewelry. Complete by rinsing the pearl with a clean damp cloth. Let the strand dry so that the string won’t stretch.

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8 Using denture tablets to clean Diamond

You can still make your Diamond jewelry to shine by using denture tablets. You only need to drop a denture tablet in a glass full of water. You can then drop your Diamond jewelry and let it stay for some few minutes. Remove it and rinse with clean water. Dry it, and you will notice its shiny appearance back.

9 Cleaning jewelry that has a textured surface

Textured silver gives one of the best appearances when you wear them. However, the thought of cleaning them can be daunting if you don’t know how to do it.  You can use a brass brush with soapy water.

A brass brush has bristles which gets to the grooved surface of the jewelry and clean it thoroughly and give it a polished satin appearance. You might need a silver-cleaning paste if you want to clean textured silver jewelry.

10 Cleaning turquoise

The best way of cleaning turquoise is using warm water. After washing it, dry it immediately with a soft piece of cloth.

Since the stone is very porous, don’t submerge it in water because when liquids seep into it, they will discolor. Refrain from using commercial jewelry cleansers as they can also tarnish the stone.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning jewelry at home is not hard. Every piece of jewelry always appears to be sparkling when still new. The issue comes when you think about maintaining it. How long will it stay shiny?

How you take care of it matters a lot. You might want to avoid getting your hands in water while wearing them. It is therefore wise to maintain your jewelry by cleaning them using the right method and keep them dry.

How do you clean your jewelry?

Cleaning your jewelry at home has never been this easy. We show you how you can clean your diamond rings at home and other jewelry in less than 10 minutes. From cleaning jewelry with baking soda to using home detergents, this ultimate guide has it all!

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