5 Ways Blogging Has Completely Changed My Life

Blogging changed my lifeWill you trust me if I tell you that blogging has changed my life? I used to think that a blog is like a personal diary where you post everything about your daily life.

I used to wonder why bloggers shared their knowledge with the world.

How did they benefit?

What pushed them to do it?

I decided to dig deep into research and learn more about blogging. I read stories and interviews with famous bloggers like Neil Patel.

I was impressed by the impact they brought to the world through blogging and what they got in return.

Besides the money they made, they received numerous emails from people who thanked them for the help they offered through their blog post.

What else can make you happy other than getting a thank you note that you helped someone you have never met?
I find it interesting.

I started blogging after identifying my audience back in 2013. It was a small blog with a small audience, but it allowed me to learn about WordPress, SEO, keyword research and much more.

Writing is something that I keep close to my heart.

I never see it as a waste of time. I decided to use my blog to write anything that I thought could help someone out there.

I blogged out of love.

Life began changing when my posts started going viral. Don’t be mistaken in thinking that it started immediately.


I worked hard and almost gave up at some point. I only experienced success when I started getting traffic on my blog.
But did it change my life?


Here is how it did.

1. I Became a Better Writer

Writing is an art.

Not everyone can write.

I am not bragging that I know it all. But sitting down and putting words together looked like a dream to me.

Before I created my first blog post, I was afraid of what people would think.

I knew my articles had so many errors. I couldn’t afford to hire an editor. I just posted it anyway. At least for a start..

I asked my friends to read it before sharing it on social media. They pointed out some areas of correction. That was before Grammarly came into the picture.

I am a humble blogger who accepts positive criticism. This has helped me to admit my mistakes and find ways of improving.

Through blogging, I was able to research how to write enchanting marketing copy from favorite bloggers who have a knack for writing.

Trust me after a few years of blogging my writing style improved. I write with my audience in mind.

2. I Gain Knowledge Every day

Nothing makes me feel better than gaining experience while doing something that I love. Before publishing any post, I do extensive research and even try to find proof about facts.

I don’t just research online. I usually go an extra mile of researching offline and interviewing experts. This has made me have a broad scope of knowledge on different topics.

Through blogging, I now know different ways of earning online, most profitable niches, creating graphics using tools like Canva, where to source free images among other things.

3. I Don’t Procrastinate Anymore

Before I started blogging, I used to set goals that I didn’t achieve. I would plan to do things and up failing to complete any task.

Stop procrastinating and work on your blog

Blogging has helped me to be time conscious. I use the SMART technique to set goals. In other words, my goals are:

For this reason, I plan a schedule using tools like Plutio to stay organized and never miss a deadline. I only plan what I can achieve.

My subscribers are always waiting to gain from me. I can’t afford to lose them. Procrastinating is the last thing I could do.

Planning my schedule has helped me to deliver work to my clients on time.

4. I Have Financial Freedom

Even though I didn’t start blogging with the intention of making lots and lots of money, I came to learn from other bloggers that I could earn online.

I began creating eCourses that handle specific problems. Of course, I would be glad to offer them for free, but I took a lot of time to put them together.

It meant sacrificing time I spent on my daily job. However, that does not mean that I don’t offer freebies.


I offer freebies as a welcome kit to my subscribers. I even plan to provide more freebies in future.

Through blogging, I have been able to sell services to some clients. Some consulted me about how to use social media for their business, web design services while others wanted to improve their blogs.

Through my products and services, I became financially free.

What I love most about blogging is being able to make money from the comfort of my home. Don’t wait any longer, start a blog today.

5. I Have Many Connections

Before I started blogging, the few contacts I had were my friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Through blogging, I have many contacts that I can’t even count.

I have subscribers who reply to my mailing list. Whenever I launch a product, I don’t have to start looking for new customers.

I only shoot an email and let them know that there is a new product that they might love. Apart from that, I get many opportunities. I get requests from other blogs who would like to have a sponsored post on my site.

I also get paid guest posting opportunities which not only makes me earn but also get traffic to my blog.
Blogging helped me to know more about my audience. I can identify what they need and write in-depth posts about that problem or topic.

Words cannot express how much I love blogging. It has helped me to live with a purpose.

Whenever I see someone asking something on Social media groups, I take it as my responsibility to find an answer. Through blogging, I am confident, optimistic and social.

Have you started blogging? If yes, how has it changed your life?

Share your views in the comments section.

Blogging has many benefits.  We know that one can earn money from their blog but is it just money that can be gained by starting a blog? Read on to see how blogging changed my life and can also change yours.

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