Himmeli Leaf

Measures – 60cm long x 60cm wide

A modern take on the traditional himmeli. Matte garden green paint, some pink glass beads with a bit of gold shazam. I like seeing it when I’m working on my bibs DIYs.

Himmeli leaf hanged at sitting room

I’ve been seeing these “hooter hiders” online and thought I’d give one a try. I was pretty happy with the results. I made thinner straps than the ones I’ve seen on BeBe Au Lait and in place of the boning they have on the top, I used a plastic grid which worked just as well. I love the D-ring detail, and I think the thinner sized straps look so cute. On the back side in the corner, I used terry cloth.

The bib is supposed to hang over your neck and cover you while you’re nursing baby. The boning in the neckline holds fabric away so you can watch the baby.

I rounded the corners, binded the edges with solid pink cotton fabric and added some snap closures. These were really fun to make. The polka dotted and number ones have pink terry cloth on the opposite side. The one with pink flowers has a complimenting cotton fabric on the other side. All three bibs have a vinyl iron on the cover on one side for easy wipe off. I may have to try using a more stretch fabric for the binding next time…hopefully that would solve my scrunched problem.

I got new bedding last weekend, and as much as I love the comforter cover and accent colored sheet, I thought it needed a little bit of something else. I was so lucky to run across this fabric last Friday. It had all the colors that I wanted. I also found an accent fabric to go on the back. I added some embroidery to spruce up the fabric, and I’m pleased with how it turned out.

This is my first successful attempt at following an actual store-bought pattern. It took me a couple of tries because of size and material. I also had some trouble reading the design the first time around. I got the hang of it, though and I’m happy with the results.

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