10 Tips to Make your Home Smell Fresh

We spend most of our times at home especially during holidays and the weekends. Whether you spend much time at home or not, keeping your home clean and fresh is something that you should always keep in mind.

Here are 10 tips that show you how to make your home smell good all the time. DIY home smell good hacks

Did you know that you can make your home smell nice without spending too much money?

You can use natural ways or opt for chemical air fresheners. People feel comfortable and welcomed at a house that smells fresh. Below are ways of making your home to smell great.

1. Keep your house well aerated

Do you aerate your home every day? You can do this by always opening the windows during the day so that there can be fresh air.

Even if you are busy and won’t be staying at home, do it for a few minutes before closing the windows.

2. Get rid of clutter

One of the reasons why your house may get stuffy is because you have too much clutter. Clutter can be anything like useless containers, papers, clothes that you don’t wear, etc.

Ensure that you sort out your stuff and get rid of what you don’t need.

You might also consider looking for a storage solution so that you can store some stuff that uses too much space in your house.

Getting rid of clutter helps your apartment become spacious and well aerated.

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3. Keep your house clean

A dirty house will never smell nice no matter how much freshener you use. Clean your home regularly and ensure that you get rid of anything that can cause it to be stuffy.

You might want to clean the bathroom with disinfectants and use air fresheners to eliminate the putrid odor.

You should also clean other things in your house like clothes and carpets.

Carpets and rugs produce odor very fast if you don’t clean them frequently. You can use baking soda to get rid of carpet odors. Sprinkle baking soda on your carpet and let it stay for at least 30 minutes before vacuuming it.

Our pets also urinate on the carpets and that leaves a bad odor.

4. Use Rose Mary and Lavender carpet powder

Apart from cleaning, another way of making your carpet smell great is sprinkling Rose Mary and Carpet powder on it. Sprinkle a mixture of dried Rose Mary and Lavender oil on your carpet.

Lavender put on carpet to make it smell amazing

Add baking soda to your carpet and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes and vacuum it up.

The result of using these ingredients is a fresh and pleasant smelling carpet.

5. Plant natural fresheners

Natural fresheners are a great way of improving airflow in your house. We all know that plants produce oxygen and take in Carbon (IV) Oxide.

Having plants in your home will help you maintain clean air.

You can create a small home garden in your backyard. You can also plant flowers like Rose flower in a pot and put it in your living room.

Flowers will not only make your place attractive but also keep it smelling nice.

6. Prepare a scented home humidifier

This is a natural way of making your home smell nice using homemade ingredients. Preparing a scented home humidifier is a rare and exciting way to get a great scent in your home.

You only need a pot of water, heat and through in stuff such as citrus peels, cinnamon sticks, basil and olive oil.

7. Use room spray

Room sprays are quick instant ways of making your home smell nice. In case you don’t like manufactured room sprays, you may consider using a homemade one by making it using water, baking soda, and lime juice.

A combination of the above substances neutralizes the smell in your room making it have a beautiful scent.

8. Keep your bathroom clean

Did you know that bathrooms can make your house have a foul smell if not cleaned properly? Lemon juice works like magic as it also eliminates bacteria from the toilet.

Use lemon juice to clean your bathroom, and it will leave a pleasant scent in your house. It becomes perfect if you mix it with baking soda to clean your toilet.

9. Use scented candles

If you use have used scented candles before, you know how lovely they smell. Scented candles make your home have a pleasant smell because they use a scented oil burner.

Scented candle for keeping your home smelling good

Spread these candles all over your house and put them on tables, shelves, and counters.

Consider using multiple scented candles so that you can experience different lovely scents as you walk around your house.

10. Keep your fridge clean and with a pleasant scent

Did you know that the reason why your house might be stuffy is that your fridge isn’t very clean?

Always clean your refrigerator regularly and ensure that food does not spill on it. You can also fill a bowl with coffee beans or a container that has unflavored oats to absorb any smells.

You might also want to get rid of smoke odor.

If any of your family members smoke, you might not realize it because maybe you are used to the odor.

However, when other people come to your house, they will be the first people to notice the smell. Place bowls of ammonia and white vinegar around your home so that they can absorb the odor and eliminate it.

Final Thoughts

You deserve to stay at a fresh and sweet smelling home. A home with a lovely scent is comfortable and welcoming. Always make a point of cleaning your house regularly and keep it well aerated.

If you have pets ensure that you wash your carpets often as that is the place they tend to urinate frequently.

Remember that you don’t need expensive sprays to make your home smell amazing. Just use homemade ingredients as I mentioned and enjoy a beautiful and sweet smelling house.

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