20 Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

Want to network with other bloggers? We prepared a list of 20 groups that new and experienced bloggers can join on Facebook to network, get advice and promote their services or products. Just imagine a world without people around you?

It will be lonely, boring and useless.

There is a woman who loved baking cakes. Her family was so addicted to her cakes that they could not go a week without them. One day her daughter got ill, and her church members came to visit her. She prepared her mouthwatering cakes as usual.

Guess what?

The guests ate them all.

“Why don’t you start a baking business?” One lady asked her. “It’s a great idea, and I think I should try.” She replied.

Later when she had gathered everything, she started the baking business. It was not easy.

Moving around from house to house looking for a market was a bit arduous. She almost gave up because it took her much effort to sell all her cakes.

One day she went to a house and found a backer just like her. She used to supply her cakes to hotels and other nearby shops where she got orders. They became friends, and the new baker friend connected her to many other bakers.

They used to have a meeting every weekend and discuss how to get market for their products. That is how their business grew and became a company.

It was through networking that things turned out that way. Starting a business can be daunting if you rely on your knowledge. It needs connecting with other people who fall in your area of specialization and getting ideas from each other.

With the introduction of Social media, things have become easier than they were in the past. You can connect with different people all over the world without traveling to look for them.

One of the best platforms that connect entrepreneurs and bloggers is Facebook.

Below is a list of 20 Facebook groups for bloggers and entrepreneurs you cannot afford not to join

Social Boss

Social Boss is a Facebook group that brings together Business Owners regardless of whether they are a full-time stay at home or part-time entrepreneurs. It has many members who have proved to have a great deal of knowledge in different businesses. The goodness of this group is that you will get a free e-book written by Caitlin when you join.

Blogging Boost

Are you a new blogger who wants to learn new tricks of increasing traffic on your blog? Blogging boost could be what you need.

With the many members of this group, you will learn tricks of running a successful blog. You also have a day to share your new blog posts and get feedback from those who will be interested to read. In this group, you will be free to ask questions about anything related to blogging and get feedback.

Zealous Business Owners

Zealous Business owners group was founded by Joyce Joyzeal who is a successful business mentor and author. This group is focused on connecting different online entrepreneurs.

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Members share various tips on how to succeed in online entrepreneurship. They also have two market days that is Wednesday and Saturday. One interesting thing about this group is that they have ten free group resources that could benefit you. You can join and learn more about it.

Savvy Business Owners

If you are a boss lady, you will be fascinated to join this group.  The owner of this group is Heather Crabtree. It is a place that unites female business owners who chat and learn from one another.

Some share their success stories while some encourage others whose businesses don’t seem to work. Most members share tips that helped them increase conversions in their business.

The Creative’s Corner

There is nothing that is more interesting than coming up with new business ideas and taking action. Creative entrepreneurs will always come up with unique projects that create a successful business.

The creative’s corner is a place where creative business owners engage and share their ideas. In this group, every member has a chance to share their creative endeavors on Fridays.

Online Course Creator community

Creating online courses can be a lucrative business only if you create meaningful courses depending on your niche. If you are planning to create a course on your website, this is the place to be.

Even if you already have a course, you can join this group and improve your course by learning from other successful course creators. However, this group does not encourage promotional posts as it is only meant to help you improve and gain knowledge.

Freelance Freedom Project

Kimra Luna is the host of this group. If you are a freelancer who does freelance jobs either part-time or full-time, you can join this group to learn more about how to get gigs. This is a place for solopreneurs, freelancers, developers, copywriters, and designers. You can collaborate with others and get hired or outsource your work to those interested. You can also learn how to quit your job and venture into full-time freelancing without affecting your income.

Lead Pages Community

Are you looking for a way of increasing conversions with your landing pages? This group could be the place you need to be. Find out how other business owners are crushing it online by creating excellent landing pages. Even if you are a newbie, you will get easy ways of creating landing pages that are easy to use.

Being Boss

Even though this Facebook page was created for those interested to listen to the “Being Boss” podcast, it is now a place for business owners to interact and share ideas. Even aspiring business owners are welcomed. This is a place to learn from other entrepreneurs and improve your business.

The New Screw the Nine to Five Community

The New Screw was created by Jill Stanton and Josh Stanton. It is an exciting place that connects serious entrepreneurs who want to increase their ROI and learn about business management tips.

Facebook Ad Hacks

Would you like to grow your business through Facebooks ads? We know that Facebook campaigns can be a great way of increasing conversions. However, mastering the art of doing it is what you need. That is why you need a group such as this to get knowledge about Facebook Campaigns.

Ignition Army

Just as the name suggests, this is a group to ignite your entrepreneurial strength by sharpening your skills. You will learn the tips and tricks of Facebook targeting. Learn how to target your audience using Facebook ads. However, this is a group of female entrepreneurs.

The Rising Tide Society

Natalie Frankie is the founder of this group. Learn new competition skills from the Rising Tide Society. Join other entrepreneurs and feel free to ask them questions about how to survive in a competitive market.

Boost Your Blog

Boost your blog is run by blog expert Helen Sula. Just try to share your work here and be sure to receive insightful comments and shares.

Virtual Assistant Savvies

Are you a virtual assistant or an aspiring VA? Whether you are a veteran or a newbie, this place is excellent for you. Abbey Lynn Ashley is the founder of this group. Besides being a successful VA, she teaches other VA’s how to win high paying clients. She has tons of freebies, and you cannot just afford to miss them.

Become a Social Media manager with Rachel Pederson

Rachel Pederson is the founder of this amazing group. She has a lot of experience in Social media management. She aims to connect Social media managers from different parts of the world and helping them grow their business.

Affiliate Marketing Ninjas

Are you looking for different ways to earn online through affiliate marketing? This is the place you will get a wealth of knowledge about affiliate marketing. Warren Wheeler is the owner of this group. This group has freebies that can help you improve your affiliate marketing skills.

The Six Figure Freelancer

If you are a freelancer whose aim is to reach six figures and above per month, this group is suitable for you. Different freelancers share their tips on getting high paying clients without overworking.

Amazon FBA Ninjas

Amazon affiliate marketing can be tricky. The Amazon FBA Ninjas is a group that shares different tips for selling Amazon products and earning a commission.

Final Thoughts

Facebook groups play a significant role in our businesses. Through Facebook groups, other people can know about your brand and suggest ways of improving it. You can also get advertisement tips, among other crucial skills.

What is your favorite Facebook group?

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