10 Useful Car Cleaning Tips That Will Keep your Car Clean and Organized

You need to clean your car often. A dirty car can spike allergy cases and is not ideal if your kids share your car. The 10 car cleaning tips give you useful car cleaning hacks to use immediately to clean and organize your car interior effectively!We all know that feeling…

The messy car.. Worst of all, dirty and disorganized.

A dirty car is the last thing that you would want to experience if you value your journey. Driving a clean and orderly vehicle gives you an enjoyable ride while traveling regardless of the distance.

Even if you have a small car and have many things to keep in it like subwoofers, kids toys, car seat, and other stuff, you can still keep it organized.

Ten car cleaning tips to make the space in your appear lovely and welcoming

1. Use tissue boxes to store plastic bags

Plastic bags are useful, and you might want to keep them in your car just in case you may need them in the future.

However, they might make your vehicle disorganized when you don’t keep them in order.

If you want to keep your car organized, you can keep all plastic bags in tissue boxes. That will make your car neat and more spacious.

2. Keep your shoe organizer on the back of the front passenger seat

The back of your car’s front passenger seat can be an excellent place to keep a hanging organizer.

That is the place where you can place not only your kid’s toys but also a pair of shoes if you might need. This prevents shoes and other stuff from scattering everywhere.

3. Use cupcake liners to keep your holders clean

If you travel with kids, your cup holders will always be messy. They may either have crumbs, food rappers or toys.

It is exciting to note that even if you often travel with your kids, you can keep cup holders clean by inserting silicon cupcake inside them so that it can trap everything.

4. Use shelf liners

It is very irritating when your car is moving, and items inside seem to move too. That keeps things out of order and limits your space also. You can use rubberized shelf liners in your car’s trunk to act as your cabinet.

Ensure that you lay them over your trunk’s bottom and put all your items inside. This will prevent them from moving around when you are driving.

5. Put all crayons in a DVD case

Do your children love drawing? It can be an exciting activity especially when you go for a picnic. Crayons and other stationery will, therefore, be one of the stuff in your car.

However, if you don’t keep crayons in order, they will fall all over your car and be hard to trace. Using a DVD case could be a great idea. If you have some DVD cases piling up in your home, consider using them to organize your markers and colored pencils.

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6. Use toothpaste to make your car headlights shine

Your cars headlights are crucial to your safety especially when traveling at night. Apart from keeping your car organized, cleanliness is important too.

The best way to keep your car’s headlights clean and shiny is by using toothpaste. Most times your lights may have grime build up resulting in a yellow hue.

You can get rid of them by using a toothbrush to run some toothpaste over the headlights and brushing them thoroughly.

You can then rinse off the paste with some spray of warm water and a paper towel. Quickly apply wax on the headlights and clean them off to get a shiny appearance.

7. Always have a laundry basket in the trunk

Shopping can be stressful when it comes to handling what you have bought and put them in your car.

You might want to keep your vehicle in order after purchasing groceries by having a laundry basket in the trunk of your car.

Laundry baskets make your shopping trips easy. You can always put your groceries in the basket, and this will help you deal with multiple bags easily.

8. Make your cereal container a garbage bin

Are you planning to go for a long trip? When traveling on a long journey, you tend to carry a lot of stuff including food. Your car is likely to have a lot of used tins, and food leftovers.

You will need somewhere to dispose of them to keep your car clean. You can put a plastic bag inside a cereal container and use it as a garbage can. Ensure that you put it in the back of your car.

9. Trap dust from the interior of your car using coffee filters

Sometimes your car might be dusty depending on the places that you visit. A dusty car is always uncomfortable and if you have allergies like me, sneeze all the time.

Did you know that coffee filters can keep your vehicle free from dust particles? You only need to dub a coffee filter with olive oil or another cleaning solution, and it will soak up the dust.

10. Come up with family rules

You must be aware that it is quite impossible to get rid of all dirt from the car at all times. However, you can keep the car clean and organized by preventing some dirt from coming in.

You need to come up with established family rules. Such rules might vary depending on your family.

You can set up standards such as avoiding to eat in the car, putting all trash on a trash can, taking all garbage out before starting a journey and using drinks from bottles with strong caps among other rules.

Final Thoughts

Your car is a place that accommodates you during your journey. You need to keep it comfortable, clean and spacious to enjoy your trip.

Avoid every possible thing that might cause it to be unclean to pile up inside. Ensure that you keep it organized by following the tips above.

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