Best Cheap Vacuum – Good Vacuums for A Fair Price

Using a vacuum cleaner to maintain your floors, carpets and upholstery is the gold standard of cleaning. And having a vacuum cleaner is not a luxury anymore. Everyone can now afford to use a vacuum cleaner to clean his home or office with the cheap vacuums available in the market today.

But don’t let the word “cheap” fool you. No, these vacuums are well-built with state of the art features that can clean your home or office space in half the time. These best budget vacuums have the coolest attachments and accessories to help you clean more efficiently especially when you are cleaning thick carpets, hardwood and upholstery. If you have allergies or you live in a very dusty environment, these cheap vacuums will help you maintain a clean, allergy-free space so you can live healthy as well.

This is our best cheap vacuum review. We have chosen a number of great inexpensive vacuums that you can purchase in the market right now. These vacuums have gathered great reviews online and have top reviews from consumers as well. This review aims to help you find the most efficient cheap vacuum in the market to be used at home or at your office space.

Review of the top cheap vacuums

Upright vacuums

  1. Bissell CleanView Plus Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum with Triple Action Brush

You will be able to clean faster and more efficiently when you use the Bissell CleanView Plus Rewind upright vacuum. Clean all kinds of surfaces and get rid of the toughest and deep seated dirt and grime using this vacuum’s unique Triple Action Brush Roll. This feature makes it easy to clean carpets, floors and upholstery with its unique design

If you have allergies or asthma then the Bissell CleanView will help you keep an allergy-free home. It has multi-level filtration that can help reduce allergens. It comes with a TurboBrush Tool that will help you clean thick carpets fast. You also save money on disposable vacuum bags because this vacuum has a dirt tank and a washable foam tank filter which will let you clean uninterruptedly. All you need to do is to press a button and the bottom Easy Empty dirt tank opens to release dirt into your trash bin. No contact with the dust and dirt is made when you use a Bissell CleanView vacuum.

The Bissell CleanView comes with a 25-foot power cord so no need for extension cords. The cord also has an automatic cord rewind feature to help you roll it after you have finished cleaning.

What we liked

  • With Triple Action Brush Roll to improve cleaning performance
  • With TurboBrush Tool to remove deep seated dirt and clean thick carpets
  • With a large capacity dirt tank, no need to use disposable vacuum bags
  • With bottom Easy Empty dirt tank
  • With a washable Foam Tank filter
  • With Multi-level Filtration to tackle household allergens and prevent asthma and allergies
  • With Multi-Cyclonic System for a deeper clean
  • Comes with a 3-year limited warranty
  • With a 25-foot power cord with Automatic Cord Rewind

What we don’t like

  • Is too heavy to lift at 17+ pounds
  • Complaints that it was too loud to use
  1. Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Rewind Plus Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Keep your home or office clean and allergy-free with the Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Rewind Plus bagless upright vacuum cleaner. This vacuum is lightweight and easy to carry; you can take it anywhere around your home to clean. This model has WindTunnel Technology that lets you clean with consistent suction power. You don’t need vacuum bags with the high-quality HEPA filter. You can clean this filter and rinse it to be reused the next time you vacuum.

The Hoover Rewind Plus has vacuum attachments to help you clean more efficiently and thoroughly. With your purchase, you will get an extension want, a crevice tool, upholstery/dusting brush and a powered-hand tool. It has an extra-long retractable power cord which eliminates the need to use extension cords. The Hoover Rewind Plus conforms to North American Electrical Standards to its safe and efficient to use.

What we liked

  • Lightweight to use
  • Upright vacuum design
  • With WindTunnel technology for strong and continuous suction
  • With quality HEPA filter, rinsable and reusable
  • Can lift and remove surface and deep-seated dirt
  • With 8-foot stretch hose
  • With a 25-foot retractable power cord
  • With system check indicator to check the health of the HEPA filter
  • With complete cleaning tools like an extension cord, crevice tool, power hand tool and upholstery/dusting brush
  • Conform to North American Electrical Standards

What we don’t like

  • Heavy to use
  • Complaints that it is too loud to use
  • Contact with hair, dirt and grime is possible because of the dirt canister

Cordless cheap vacuums

  1. Shark Ninja Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum

The only cleaning tool to clean hard to reach areas is the Shark cordless stick vacuum. The Shark Ninja Navigator Freestyle cordless vacuum has a powerful motor that will clean not just your floors but also your sofa, curtains, stairs and more. It weighs only 7.5 pounds making it one of the lightest vacuums of its power and capacity. It has a 2-speed brush roll that will let you efficiently clean and remove deep-seated dirt found on carpets and bare floors. It has an extra-large capacity dust cup that will let you clean really well. No need to buy vacuum bags just to clean. You will also have extended cleaning time because it has a longer battery life with its 10.8V battery.

What we liked

  • Rechargeable, long life 10.8V battery included
  • Cordless so you can take it anywhere you want to clean
  • Can pick up pet hair and dust easily
  • Versatile and easy to carry at 7.5 pounds
  • With a 2-speed brush roll feature to clean carpets and bare floor
  • Large dust cup capacity so you can clean for a long period of time without replacing the cup

What we don’t like

  • Complaints about the suction
  • Complaints that it makes a lot of noise
  • Complaints that it is still too heavy to use.
  • No onboard tools and attachments

Stick cheap vacuums

  1. Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Linx Bagless Corded Cyclonic Lightweight Stick Vacuum

You can clean from hardwood floors to carpeted floors fast even without using an extra attachment or without flicking a switch with the Hoover stick vacuum. The Hoover Linx is a bagless corded vacuum with Cyclonic Technology that will let you transition from one surface to another. It has an extreme handle recline so you can reach as far as you can under furniture and tables.

This vacuum has non-marring wheels perfect if you are cleaning delicate hardwood floors. With this feature, you can easily move the vacuum across the room without leaving marks and scratches. You will also be able to clean even along the floor edges with its Edge Cleaning Bristles. It comes with a 20-foot power cord plus a cord release feature. You will be able to clean anywhere with ease and keep the cord fast after you are done.

What we liked

  • With brush roll with Cyclonic Technology
  • You can transition from hardwood to carpeted floors easily
  • Comes with an Extreme Recline Handle to reach underneath furniture easily
  • With edge cleaning bristles
  • With non-marring wheels for the vacuum to stay easy on the floor
  • With a 20-foot power cord and with cord release feature
  • With a low-profile base so it could fit underneath furniture and along counter edges

What we don’t like

  • Does not come with accessories
  • Problems with suction power
  • Complaints about the noise
  1. Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum

If you have pets and your home is mostly busy with kids then the Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor vacuum might be able to help you out. This corded vacuum can suck debris and grime along the edges and even on tight places. You don’t need to add an attachment or use a broom to clean.

It has a unique V-shape design to direct large pieces of dirt enter the suction path.  It can clean around the edges of furniture legs and can deeply clean low-pile rugs. It can maneuver along furniture legs as well because of its swiveling head. It does not need a vacuum bag to capture dirt. It makes use of a dirt cup which is easy to use and empty. The Bissell PowerEdge comes with a 20-feet power cord so you can clean anywhere without using any extension cord.

What we liked

  • With a unique V-shape design to capture dirt of all shapes and sizes
  • No need to add an attachment or use a broom to clean even along edges of furniture
  • Cleans around furniture legs
  • Can clean low pile rugs
  • With a swivel head to let you clean around furniture legs
  • Dirt cup is easy to empty, no need to use a vacuum dirt bag
  • Comes with an extra-long 20-foot cord
  • Comes with a limited one year warranty

What we don’t like

  • Complaints about the odd-shaped head
  • Complaints that it lack suction power
  • Power cord is too short

Handheld cheap vacuum

  1. Eureka EasyClean Lightweight Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

No room to keep a full-sized vacuum? The Eureka EasyClean is a lightweight, handheld vacuum cleaner that you can use for the toughest dirt and still keep a low profile. You can clean floors, walls, curtains, sofas and car upholstery with this handheld vacuum cleaner. This is a corded vacuum with a long 20-foot power cord. It has a deluxe hose that will be able to stretch up to three times its original length so you can reach even the toughest areas.

The Eureka EasyClean actually has two motors which lets you clean more efficiently. One motor powers the suction while the other one powers the brush roll. It has a riser visor so it can clean stairs vertically or horizontally.

What we liked

  • With a moving brush roll that can be turned on or off
  • With a dust cap filter and should not be removed
  • With a riser visor that can clean stairs and upholstery
  • With 23-foot reach system
  • With 5.5 amps of motor power
  • With a 20-foot cord

What we don’t like

  • Makes a lot of noise
  • Issues with suction power

Canister-type cheap vacuum

  1. Bissell Zing Bagless Canister Vacuum

Don’t just clean your floors but thoroughly clean them with the Bissell Zing Bagless Canister Vacuum. This vacuum has Cyclonic Action that lets you clean deep and fast. You won’t have to buy bags anymore because this uses a dirt canister to accumulate dirt and grime. You will also clean more efficiently with its three-stage filtration. The filter and dust cup are completely washable and reusable.

With your purchase of the Bissell Zing comes a complete lineup of accessories. You get a combination crevice tool, dusting brush, automatic cord rewind feature and an air flow regulator.

What we liked

  • Bagless so you won’t need to purchase and use disposable bags
  • With powerful cyclonic action suction
  • You can easily transition from cleaning carpets to hard floors with just one switch
  • With Multi-Surface Cleaning
  • With Three-stage Filtration
  • Comes with complete accessories like combination crevice tool or dusting brush, cord rewind and air flow regulator

What we don’t like

  • Short suction and cord
  • Complaints with noise

Buyer’s guide on Inexpensive vacuums

Best cheap vacuums

How to find the best cheap vacuum

Cheap vacuum features

Despite the affordable price, there are a lot of features to watch out for. The most popular feature has got to be the presence or the absence pf a power cord or a cordless or a corded vacuum. Many prefer the use of a cordless vac to be able to clean your home or office well. You can carry a cordless vacuum anywhere because you won’t be restricted with a power cord. However, you need to charge and recharge your batteries. Corded vacuums will guarantee uninterrupted power but up to some extent.

There are also features to help you clean easily. There are new accessories, improved motor power and updated suction technologies that are also found in middle to high end vac models. All these new models can help you improve your cleaning time and the way you clean can make or break your cleaning experience.

Cheap vacuum accessories

The vacuum accessories will allow you to clean well. You need special accessories to clean tough hardwood. Hardwood floor surfaces can be easily cleaned with a brush with a wide opening. This will allow the vacuum to easily suck up dirt, grime, dust and pet hair. Crevices in between wooden planks are usually one of the most difficult and a special crevice tool is the best choice to clean. Therefore you must pay close attention to vacuum cleaner accessories to get the best deal on hardwood floor vacuums.

Cheap vacuum ergonomic features

Look for vacuums with good ergonomic features. Despite being affordable, cheap vacuums have ergonomic features like comfortable handles, easy to access controls and efficient attachments. Just some of the most common are vacuum controls located along the handle, more comfortable handles and attachments and so many more.

Cheap vacuum safety features

Safety should be your utmost concern when buying cheap vacuum cleaners. There is a number of safety features included even in cheap vacuum cleaners. Vacuum motors found in new vacuum models are now more powerful as well as safe. Vacuum controls are now located along the handles compared to previous models that have controls on the vacuum itself. This makes it easier to power on and off the machine. This adds safety to using the vacuum because you can power on or off the vacuum suction if there are any problems at all.

And of course when you talk about safety is not just about the safety of the vacuum user but it also applies to the floor and the surrounding areas. Updated vacuums have non-skid or non-marking wheels to protect delicate hardwood and marble floors. Newer models may be handheld and are definitely lighter. These models are safe to use on hardwood floors and carpets. Vacuum attachments and accessories like telescopic attachments, crevice tools and brushroll attachments make it easier and safer to clean. There’s no need to worry about dust and dirt escaping when you have these vacuum accessories or attachments on hand.

Materials used

Most cheap vacuums are made of hard plastic which is actually the best choice because portable vacuums need to be easy to use and to be carried anywhere you want to clean. And even cheap vacuums have plastic parts and attachments. Because these are made of plastic, these are easy to clean and maintain. Metal parts will only make the vacuum heavier making it hard to clean and to take anywhere.

No more vacuum bags

Regular vacuums still use disposable dirt bags and when choosing the best vacuum for your needs, this should be one of your priorities. Disposable dust or dirt bags are indeed easy to use. You simply attach it to the vacuum, clean and remove the bag once it is full. You won’t even have to touch the dirt at all. Canisters and reusable bags have to be manually cleaned and handled and this could be a hassle.

But using canisters and reusable bags are cleaner, greener and easier on the environment. This is also cheaper since you won’t have to purchase bags. Most dirt canisters and reusable dirt bags have a large capacity and therefore won’t fill up easily. If you fear handling dirt, there are vacuums that simply let the canister slide and dump the dirt into a bin. No need to touch dirt and hair at all. It could take a little getting used to when using canisters and reusable bags but it helps a lot with the environment and can reduce your cleaning bills in the long run.

Cheap vacuum warranties and guarantees

Most updated vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors offer at least 2 years warranty with some models having money back guarantees in case you are not completely satisfied with your purchases. Two years is definitely a very short time period which is why most homeowners get extended warranties on their purchases. You must choose vacuums with longer warranties or guarantee to get more value out of your money.


There are different types of vacuums and each one has a special function. The best way to find out which vac suits you is to identify your cleaning needs. What do you need to clean? What accessories or attachments do you need? What brand do you prefer? How much money are you willing to spend? Identifying these beforehand will help you find the most efficient and the most suitable cheap vac for your home or office cleaning needs. We hope our review was able to help you find the best cheap vacuum.

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