11 Bathroom Cleaning Tips That Leave Everything Sparkling

Bathrooms are places that store the most germs. Apart from having germs, bathrooms can also have molds if not cleaned well since molds stay in moist conditions. If you fail to clean your bathroom well, you might suffer from bacterial and fungal infections.

Bathrooms can get really dirty. That’s why bathroom cleaning tips help you manage the process. With these bathroom cleaning hacks, cleaning even becomes fun. Bathroom cleaning hacks for tubs and toilets leave your bathroom smelling fresh and sparkling clean.

You, therefore, need to give special care to your toilets, tubs, showers, and sinks. With the modern plumbing fixtures, bathroom cleaning shouldn’t be that challenging.

Cleaning a bathroom cannot be a fun task, and you might end up making many blunders during the whole activity.

Some bathroom cleaning tips that you might want to embrace

1 Dealing with your sinks

Sinks have to endure dirt daily due to the regular washing that we do. To keep it clean, ensure that you remove light soil and film using an all-purpose bathroom cleaner.

In case you have hardened deposits on the sink like dried toothpaste, soap, etc, you can use a soft scrub cleaner to remove them.

You can also use cleaners that have been made with bleach to sanitize surfaces. You should also use a disinfecting spray glass cleaner to clean the rim and fixtures.

2 Your shower and tub

Your shower and tub can be hiding places for mold, mildew, and moisture. In most cases, tubs are left with traces of hair products, bath oil, and soap scum.

You need to spray the tub with a good amount of all-purpose bathroom cleaner before washing the rest of your bathroom.

Let the product stay on your tub as you clean other areas so that it can dissolve soap scum and other oils.

You won’t need much elbow grease to remove the soap and oil traces if you use spray. You can then scrub the shower floors with abrasive scrubbing pads. Tile brushes work perfectly as they reach all corners and cracks.

You can also remove build up deposits surrounding tub fixtures using a cleaning toothbrush. After cleaning, rinse your shower and tub well using a detachable shower head.

3 Avoid using the same detergent to clean all areas

How many cleaning products do you use to clean your bathroom? If you use the same cleaning product to clean all areas, you are doing it wrong.

This is because every area in your bathroom needs a unique detergent.

You need to use a spray cleaner to clean your bathtub, tiles, and sink basin. You can clean the bathroom mirrors with a spray glass cleaner.

4 Dealing with your fiberglass and glass doors

Your glass doors need special treatment when cleaning them. You need to use a nonabrasive cleaner like pine oil, baking soda or an all-purpose bathroom cleaner.

Scrubbing pads and abrasive with abrasive cleansers can make the finish dull or even scratch it.

Deep cleaning bathroom
Cleaning glass shower using microfiber cloth and detergent.

If you have cloudy glass doors, you can clean them with white vinegar or any commercial lime remover. When using these cleaning products, you need to have good ventilation and also remember to protect your skin.

5 Get rid of moisture

Mold grows in the bathroom when there is moisture. To avoid mold, you need to flip the switch of your fan before getting into the shower.

If you don’t have a fun, you might want to open the window. The key thing is to keep your bathroom dry and well ventilated. Avoiding mold as early as possible saves you from infections.

6 Always wash the shower curtain liner

Curtain liners tend to attract mold and mildew. In case you fail to pull them closed after your shower. You will also notice that they have a cloudy residue.

You don’t have to toss them and leave them like that.

You should wash them with hot water and tumble dry them for some few minutes.

7 Avoid using paper towels

While paper towels can be readily available and affordable, they are not effective if used for cleaning the bathroom.

You might want to use something better like microfiber cloth as they have a static charge that traps dust.

You can use them several times and wash them thoroughly after that.

8 Put a wet toilet brush in the holder

Most people have the habit of cleaning their toilets, clean the brush and put it back to the holder when it is still wet. Did you know that the damp brush can be a breeding ground for bacteria?

Bathroom cleaning tip for toilets

If you always get infections after using your bathroom, you might want to stop this habit.

Ensure that you wash your toilet brush and dry it before keeping it back to the holder.

9 Avoid using bathroom accessories for a long time

Even though you can use certain bathroom accessories for a long time, it is not hygienic to use all of them for a long span of time. You might use items like toothbrush holders for a long time.

However, things like kid’s bath toys and loofahs should be replaced within a short time.

10 Your toilet

Many people don’t like cleaning a toilet. However, we can’t avoid it and therefore need to keep it clean. Before cleaning your toilet, use a liquid toilet bowl cleaner.

Place it into the bowl and let it stay for a while so that it can kill germs and dissolve deposits. Use a good curved bowl brush to brush it up as they reach under the toilet rim and remove hidden deposits.

Finally, disinfect it using a bathroom cleaner.

11 The walls

Bathroom walls tend to lose their paint easily or get dirty. When washing your bathroom, remember to gently wipe the walls from soap residue so that it won’t lose its attractive look.

Final Thoughts

Your bathroom is crucial to your health. While you clean it, remember to follow the bathroom cleaning tips and clean the walls and the windows too.

If you have no time to clean your bathroom, you can look for professional cleaning services and make everything easy.

Do you have more bathroom cleaning tips?

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