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A himmeli garland painted matte black.
Measures – 2.5m long x 13cm at widest point.

Himmeli means Sky, Heaven…

Many years ago himmelis hung above dinning tables to bring luck to a good crop the coming year. All the himmelis I create are made by the traditional method of wheat and string. A well looked after himmeli can last up to 100 years.

My mobiles are a work of art to me. The way they move with the slightest of breeze is truly mesmerizing. They are visually striking and cast beautiful shadows.

Best Cordless Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors

Who doesn’t love a cordless vacuum!

Like technology, cleaning tools have also been improving throughout the years. From conventional brooms, vacuum cleaning system has evolved and used by a lot of people nowadays. Nonetheless, popular vacuum cleaners are electrically plugged and bounded. It does not reach out to long distances as needed upon cleaning.

Another thing is that the current cleaning system is prone to danger and accidents. That is why innovators have developed a new type of vacuum cleaning system that addresses this problem. Introducing, the cordless vacuum system.

Cordless vacuum standingCordless vacuum system also called hand sticks are lightweight often battery powered cleaners that have been used in cleaning cars, floors, ceilings, and even mats into your house. This is a portable cleaner and is very excellent especially for small spaces.

This product review will evaluate upon various cordless vacuum cleaners specifically used on hardwood floors. These cordless vacuum cleaners are the best ones available in the market today. If you are interested, then scan through below.

#1. Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum

Dyson’s flagship brand on vacuum cleaning has all the exquisite features with a high price tag. As presented here, this is the most expensive, double or triple the size of it. But nonetheless, it is expected that this cleaner should exude quality, durability, and flexibility.

Upon opening the package, you’ll get to encounter a lot of tools. It consists of three head cleaners (carpet, turbo, and bare floor) that empowers with cyclonic technology for fast and intensive cleaning for specific textures. A crevice, combo tool, and a soft brush used on the handheld mode. `

The 21.6 volts has a minimum runtime of 25 minutes for the suction mode. Handheld mode consist of the other tools lasts for about 40-minute operation. It includes a wall mounted 110V AC adapter for charging the device. The device loads up for about three and a half hours before full charging. Unlike any typical charging process, this machine is somewhat different but easily manageable if you’ll read the manual.

This 5.7 lb vacuum cleaner is designed for cleaning not just floors but also ceilings and walls. The handle is easily detached to transform the device for a handheld mode. This mode powers with the accessory tools and the mini-motor. This is utilized for cushion and car seat cleaning.

Aside from that, the machine comes with an efficient HEPA filter system. This filtering system assures its users on getting a healthy and clean excreted air upon operation.

As compared to its predecessor, this upgrade has a more reliable battery performance. Also, it includes a brush that is said to be 150% more powerful than the latter. To experience this function, switch the mode to maximum for a highly efficient suction.

The device also is included with an ejector attached to the motor. This is where the trash and dust are collected upon utilization it. Disposing of a bin comes with a single click action.

Overall, the device is not a letdown. The design is quite impressive and its features are worth for its price. It’s not that noisy and easy to clean as needed. Setup is also not a problem because it includes simple instructions. However, you’ll somehow get a trouble with operating the device since you need to hold onto its power button always to turn the suction on. But otherwise, it’s not generally a problem because the button is near the motor handle.

Nonetheless, the only main issue for this device is its power timespan. It’s recommended to buy another battery to maximize the utilization needed especially if you have big rooms. But likewise, this issue is very common to almost all cordless vacuum cleaners.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Great Performance


  • Expensive
  • Not ideal for Large Rooms


#2. Hoover Air Cordless Series 20V Lithium-Ion Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover’s powerful vacuum cleaning model that is much expensive than the latter. This 9.9 lb colorless vacuum cleaner incorporates a WindTunnel 3 and Steerable Technology for easy and effective cleaning.

The upright cordless vacuum cleaner has an innovative and stylish design made mostly of plastic and metal fabricated in China. This cleaner composed of a removable handle that could be used as a dust cleaning tool reaching far places. The handle is attached to a hose that is primarily hanged on the rear of the canister. Aside from that, the handles could be utilized as a guide for cleaning through stairs and furniture. Under the device consists of two rollers that are made from rubber and plastic hub for easy transport.

The device incorporates two 20 volts interchangeable and a rechargeable battery that could fully load each up for 25 minutes. This battery is readily attached to an intended slot in the device and easily monitored through a battery indicator located on the façade of the device. Full charging could take up to a maximum of 3 hours.

It also includes a detachable canister in which dust and pollutants are collected upon. This canister is mostly made from transparent plastic. It also includes two vacuum filters for powerful straining of dust.  This container is easily open upon and thrown in a trash bin as needed.

The product includes additional accessories that could be easily stored and hanged around to multiple hooks located on the sides of the device. It also incorporates a user manual for easy utilization and set up of the device.

However, this cordless vacuum cleaner is poorly designed constituting weak and fragile materials. The handle and the device are easily broken and not durable for long-term utilization. The rollers also are easily detached from the device.

Overall, the product is great and highly innovative. The only thing that makes it weak is its poor design and material quality used.


  • Exceptional Suction Technology
  • Steerable Technology
  • Versatile Cleaning
  • Removable Handle or Wand
  • Long Term Battery Operation
  • Easy Setup
  • Dual Filter and Battery


  • Poorly Constructed
  • Clogged Filter and Brushe

#3. Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum

Much cheaper than the presented Hoover’s cordless vacuum cleaner, this 7.5 pound dominantly white coated vacuum cleaner is extremely powerful with two-speed brush roll and XL-capacity dustbin that stores numerous trash and dust.

The package includes a base, handle, an XL capacity canister, screws, charger, battery, and a user manual. The base has a wide interface with a head of 11 inches and front measuring 9 inches. It has a dual mode operation which could easily click on into its respective buttons. The buttons respectively are intended for cork or hardwood floor and carpets. The two-speed brush is turned on once the carpet mode is activated. The base also includes a two-way rubber roller with plastic made a hub.

The fixed handle of the vacuum cleaner does not have a telescopic feature. Nonetheless, the long rod is made from plastic while its smooth handle is perfect for utilization and gripping. The handle could be readily tilted to various angles for easy cleaning.

It includes also a massive canister and trash storage that is clear and transparent to examine it once full. The canister is readily detachable from the device and wastes are easily thrown on to the trash bin by just clicking a button located below the canister.

The 10.8-volt battery incorporated with the device is attached to the reserved slot intended for it. The battery approximately runs for about 20 minutes. It charges via a 110-volt charger that loads about four hours.

Overall, the product is easy to set up. Installation of the device could get about 5-10 minutes as needed. Also, the device is very lightweight since it’s mostly made of plastic. Nonetheless, don’t expect that this vacuum cleaner is very durable with the best quality. A lot of reviews indicate that some of its parts get broken through time. Also, the suction seems off and unreliable as needed. This product is good yet not long lasting. But if you are using this product rarely, then this is a recommendable product.


  • Simple Installation
  • Large Bin Capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Cheap Priced
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Portable



  • Suction Quality Does Not Last Long
  • Poor Material Quality


#4. Dyson V6 Absolute Cord-free Vacuum

An expensive brand that is highly-engineered with dual purpose cleaner heads and powerful suction that cleans effectively the floor as needed. For hard floors, a soft roller cleaner head is included to eliminate dust and debris consecutively. For carpets, a direct-drive head cleaner is intended to remove pollutants in the soft-textured floor. This head cleaner has 75% more brush power than regular soft roller cleaner head.

This 5.1 lb vacuum cleaner comprises of the handle, 3 cleaner heads (soft roller, head cleaner, and low profile), and the motor. The package also comes with accessory tools including a crevice and a soft brush. This accessory tools are used for cleaning tight spaces, stairs, and car seats. To use these tools, just remove the handle and attach these tools to the assigned slot in the mini-motor. This is the handheld mode of the device.

It’s incorporated with a 21 V battery which operates for about 20 minutes until charging it again. The 110-volt wall mounted charger is not really typical unlike to the other brands you’ve seen. Attaching the charger to the motor is quite complicated but upon reading the manual you could easily follow through. The charger loads up to maximum for three and a half hours estimated.

The 26-inch red coated handle is easily connected to the mini-motor and the cleaner heads as needed. This long handle is extremely convenient not just for floors but reaching also to ceilings and cleaning to walls.

The mini-motor of the device is composed of powerful soft bristles designed to remove pet hairs and small particles to your cushions. The mini motor is well-attached with a small canister where dust and trashes are stored upon. This canister could not be readily removed, unlike any other cordless vacuum brand. Instead, disposing of the trashes will require you to bring the motor. To dispose of, just press an assigned button and the lower cap will open ready for the process of throwing.

Aside from that, the motor consists of a HEPA filtration device. This patented filter is already attached to the motor and should be clean regularly. This HEPA filter is utilized to ensure a clean air is excreted in the machine.

The motor is extremely lightweight and portable. It does not create loud noises as compared to other brands. Maneuvering the heads is really convenient even for beginners. Likewise, it would be good if an extra battery is given for long-term utilization. Also, screws are not given as needed for the charger. It would be helpful if it is also incorporated. But nonetheless, the product is good for its expensive price.


  • Lightweight
  • High mobility
  • HEPA filter
  • Excellent Design
  • Aesthetic Appearance
  • Powerful cyclonic technology
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy setup



  • Only good for small spaces
  • Expensive

#5. Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover’s flagship cordless vacuum cleaner is an expensive brand with powerful features including the breakthrough WindTunnel Technology and Cyclonic Filtration to ensure maximum efficiency as needed during cleaning.

This 7.3 lb cordless vacuum cleaner measures about 43.5 inches tall. This is made from the combination of industrial strength plastic and platinum materials designed with a sliding on/off power slider. It has two power settings which are activated upon rolling the slider. The first slide turns on the vacuum position. Upon siding again, the roller brush is activated. These two separate settings are intended for textures, hardwood, and soft carpets exclusively. Below this slider is a battery indicator to show remaining power capacity. Aside from that, the cleaner contains a rubber made a roller for easy portability and transfer.

It consists of a separate plastic dustbin and 18-volt lithium-ion rechargeable battery that is readily attached to specific slots in the cleaning system. The package includes a charger to load the battery. The included charger loads for about a maximum of 3 hours of charging. The cleaner runs for 15-20 minutes depending on the power setting chose. The plastic bin is transparent and easily seen to detect when the bin is getting full. Also, the bin has a removable cap to throw dust conveniently as needed.

The product is really not that perfect. Nonetheless, it is recommended for the manufacturer to include a separate battery to cater long-term operations. Also, the kit should include an extension handle to reach through dark and narrow edges of your house. Additionally, there are parts of the cleaner that is easily clogged. Likewise, these dust and substances that clogged on could be removed through regular cleaning.

With regards to the performance, the vacuum cleaner truly cleans your hardwood floor. It creates noise but not much irritating as compared to other brands. This is a pet-friendly product so you’ll never get the problem with animal furs and hairs. Though, there are some complaints about the durability and quality of the cleaner. Let’s just assume that those are defective products that should be addressed within the two-year limited warranty.

The package also includes a user manual to guide you on set up and utilization of the vacuum cleaner.


  • Easy Installation
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Outstanding Suction Technology
  • Flexible to any Floor Texture
  • Useful Battery Indicator
  • Transparent and Removable Cup
  • Convenient to Clean
  • Short Duration Battery Recharging



  • No Stair Handle for Support
  • Dust Adhere to Rollers
  • Unideal for Heavy Duty Cleaning

 Buying Guide for Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

These cordless vacuum cleaners are just one of the cleaning machines that are innovated through the past years. It has been proven to be really useful especially to those who have trouble with cords and inflexible vacuum cleaners that could not go through to long distances. Nevertheless, a lot of people tend to consider and buy these cordless vacuum cleaners than the typical vacuum cleaning system.

However, even if the market is really not that large for this product, customers still having the trouble of choosing the right cordless vacuum cleaner for their respective living spaces. All of the cordless vacuum cleaning products is much likely the same as the other brands with just different prices.

While some, buy immediately the most expensive believing that it also equates with its quality. Well, it does not necessarily happen all the time. There are cheap yet efficient products available. That is why a critical and well-detailed inspection of its specs and features is needed to buy the best device for your spaces.

To help you out, here are some of the parameters that you need to look on in order to ensure that you are going to buy a perfect cordless vacuum cleaning system for your house and spaces. This includes the following;

  1. The Overall Design

Examining the design of the product does not really necessary that you should be an engineer or a specialist. It only takes instincts to inspect if the design is good or not. Make sure to examine first the material used. Most products used plastics for its main body because it’s lightweight. But nonetheless, these materials are totally unreliable for long-term utilization.

Also, the quality of construction should be inspected. There are those products whose parts easily gets broken because it’s not properly constructed. Examine the bolts, screws, and the joints of the device. It should be rightly tightened and connected for robust construction.

And lastly, the structure of the device should be examined. The structure refers to the overall plan, arrangement, and installation of the parts on the device. Take time on comparing each of the given products consecutively. There are those who have innovating functions that could be used to multiple occasions. Also, examine its coating and color. It is important that the product is aesthetically pleasing. There are instances that you’ll need to put the product in an exposed area. Make sure that the device looks sophisticated and perfect as needed.

2.Battery Performance

A typical cordless vacuum cleaning device lasts for not more than 20 minutes. That is why it is important to find a cordless vacuum that runs more than the said duration. Along with the battery, an AC adapter is also incorporated into the package. This adapter recharges the battery when it powers down. A typical charger loads at a maximum capacity for about 3-4 hours. It would be extremely helpful to find a device that charges with less time but still experiencing the same efficiency and power. To do this, look at the battery and adapter specifications of the device. Likewise, the approximate charging time and battery utilization will be displayed often. If not, check the voltage of the battery and the charging power of the device. The higher it gets, the device will last longer and charges less.

Along with this, examine also the mechanism for charging the device. Pick one that is convenient for you. There are products who have detachable batteries and there are those who are incorporated into the motor or device. Also, some of the adapters could be wall mounted and there are those who are just laid flat on the surface.

3.Suction Quality

This is an important parameter because it dictates upon the efficiency of your device. Nonetheless, this is also often the hardest part of the inspection since you could not readily examine its suction quality just by looking the device. Neither, you could not inspect the quality with just one-time utilization. The only choice that you could do is to look through its specs and features. Examine the suction mechanism and the technologies that it incorporates. There are those that are far edging than the other. Also, it is important to look at the reviews and comments in the separate section. These users have the long grasp upon the device so taking time to read those comments will be helpful to you in deciding what to buy. The key to this parameter is research. As much as possible, ask and inquire as needed.

4.Portability and Size

Since you’ll be dealing with cleaning your entire house including the stairs and balcony, make sure to buy a product that could be readily transferred from one point to another. Wheels are often attached to some products to improve portability of the machine. Likewise, examine the weight of the product. The less heavy it is, the more convenient the device would be.


Make sure to purchase a product that could be used to multiple floor texture. Though this review is only for hardwood floors, it is also important that this cleaner works well to ceramic tiles, carpets, mats, or to any other material. There are those products who do not apply to other textures. Examine the multiple modes and settings of the cleaner to be informed more of this parameter.

Also, there are vacuum cleaners who do not just clean floors but also ceilings and cushion seats. As much as possible, employ such machines to improve versatility and convenience.

6.Ease of Disposal and Operation

Almost all cordless vacuum cleaners are easy to use. All you need is to turn on the power, then push or pull depending on where you wanted to clean. Though, there are machines who could be easily tilted. This tilting motion is designed for narrow and small corners who is really difficult to clean.

Examine also the buttons and the interface of the machine. Some devices have one click or roll function to switch on to multiple modes. There are those also cleaners whose parts need to be detached to switch on to other modes. Whatever is convenient for you should be utilized.

The mechanism for waste disposal should be inspected. The waste bin often has different sizes. Employ a clear, durable, and large capacity bin for easy disposal. There are those waste bins that are readily detached from the device and there are those who aren’t.

Likewise, examine also if there is a filter included in the device. This is important to ensure a clean air will be released into the device. There are different types of a filter included in the device. This includes HEPA and Vacuum Filters.

7.Warranty and Customer Service

The longer the warranty, the more desirable the device is. Most cordless vacuum cleaners have a minimum of 2 years with a five-year warranty. Some even have a 30-day replacement for defected parts. Also, take note of the customer support. It should respond quickly as needed. Look into multiple reviews to examine this parameter.


In a world where money is crucial, of course, the price is included as a parameter. Though you’ll likely less encounter a cheap product with more features and excellent quality, there are still products who are worth for purchase. It is important to compare and contrast its features to the price. It’s the best way to bring quality and convenience to your products.


Cordless vacuum cleaners have been getting known nowadays. It is mostly employed by small spaces because it’s efficient and portable for cleaning. Nonetheless, there are a lot of these vacuum cleaning system available for purchase online and even to your local merchandises. These products are now easily accessible. Though a bit expensive as compared to regular vacuum cleaning devices, certainly still, worth the price. Given, how the product is very efficient and versatile in cleaning.