Best Cordless Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors

Who doesn’t love a cordless vacuum!

Like technology, cleaning tools have also been improving throughout the years. From conventional brooms, vacuum cleaning system has evolved and used by a lot of people nowadays. Nonetheless, popular vacuum cleaners are electrically plugged and bounded. It does not reach out to long distances as needed upon cleaning.

Another thing is that the current cleaning system is prone to danger and accidents. That is why innovators have developed a new type of vacuum cleaning system that addresses this problem. Introducing, the cordless vacuum system.

Cordless vacuum standingCordless vacuum system also called hand sticks are lightweight often battery powered cleaners that have been used in cleaning cars, floors, ceilings, and even mats into your house. This is a portable cleaner and is very excellent especially for small spaces.

This product review will evaluate upon various cordless vacuum cleaners specifically used on hardwood floors. These cordless vacuum cleaners are the best ones available in the market today. If you are interested, then scan through below.

#1. Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum

Dyson’s flagship brand on vacuum cleaning has all the exquisite features with a high price tag. As presented here, this is the most expensive, double or triple the size of it. But nonetheless, it is expected that this cleaner should exude quality, durability, and flexibility.

Upon opening the package, you’ll get to encounter a lot of tools. It consists of three head cleaners (carpet, turbo, and bare floor) that empowers with cyclonic technology for fast and intensive cleaning for specific textures. A crevice, combo tool, and a soft brush used on the handheld mode. `

The 21.6 volts has a minimum runtime of 25 minutes for the suction mode. Handheld mode consist of the other tools lasts for about 40-minute operation. It includes a wall mounted 110V AC adapter for charging the device. The device loads up for about three and a half hours before full charging. Unlike any typical charging process, this machine is somewhat different but easily manageable if you’ll read the manual.

This 5.7 lb vacuum cleaner is designed for cleaning not just floors but also ceilings and walls. The handle is easily detached to transform the device for a handheld mode. This mode powers with the accessory tools and the mini-motor. This is utilized for cushion and car seat cleaning.

Aside from that, the machine comes with an efficient HEPA filter system. This filtering system assures its users on getting a healthy and clean excreted air upon operation.

As compared to its predecessor, this upgrade has a more reliable battery performance. Also, it includes a brush that is said to be 150% more powerful than the latter. To experience this function, switch the mode to maximum for a highly efficient suction.

The device also is included with an ejector attached to the motor. This is where the trash and dust are collected upon utilization it. Disposing of a bin comes with a single click action.

Overall, the device is not a letdown. The design is quite impressive and its features are worth for its price. It’s not that noisy and easy to clean as needed. Setup is also not a problem because it includes simple instructions. However, you’ll somehow get a trouble with operating the device since you need to hold onto its power button always to turn the suction on. But otherwise, it’s not generally a problem because the button is near the motor handle.

Nonetheless, the only main issue for this device is its power timespan. It’s recommended to buy another battery to maximize the utilization needed especially if you have big rooms. But likewise, this issue is very common to almost all cordless vacuum cleaners.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Great Performance


  • Expensive
  • Not ideal for Large Rooms